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Welcome to Delicious Jamaican Pastries, your home for authentic Jamaican comfort food in [city]! Our family-owned bakery brings the flavors of the Caribbean right to your neighborhood. Our hearty meat patties, freshly baked loaves of bread, and sweet tropical cakes will transport you to the sunny beaches and laid-back vibes of Jamaica with each bite. Stop by for a taste of island paradise!

Made with love from original Jamaican recipes, our handcrafted pastries and baked goods are sure to satisfy you. Experience the island way with our spicy, savory patties filled with curried chicken, jerk chicken, beef, and more. Or treat yourself to a slice of our coconut bulla cake, a traditionally Caribbean sweet bread. We also offer refreshingly tart drinks like ginger beer, Irish moss, and sorrel to perfectly complement your meal. Come visit us and escape every day. One bite and you’ll be in Jamaica!

About Us

Delicious Jamaican Pastries was founded in [year] by [name], who brought their family recipes from Jamaica to share with the [city] community. Raised on the flavors of the island, [name] wanted to offer authentic Jamaican fare that would bring comfort and joy to every customer. We still use the same secret spice blends and traditional cooking methods that have been passed down for generations. From our home to yours, our food comes straight from the heart and soul of Jamaica.

Contact us today to cater your next event or order some patties to go! We can’t wait to share the spirit of Jamaica with you. Walk through our doors and you’re oh so welcome, ya mon!

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Jamaican Patties

Transport your taste buds to the Caribbean with our handmade Jamaican meat patties! Savory, spicy, and satisfying, these crispy pastries are filled with bold and authentic Jamaican flavors. 

Try our fiery beef patty spiked with scotch bonnets for a true island kick or sink your teeth into tender jerk chicken seasoned to perfection with our secret blend of spices. We also offer vegetarian patties brimming with curry jackfruit and chickpeas for a hearty, meatless option. Every bite of these golden pastries will make you feel the sunshine on your face and the sand between your toes!

Breads, Cakes, And Buns

In Jamaica, freshly baked bread is more than just a side — it’s a staple! Indulge in our oven-fresh loaves, buns, and sweet baked treats. We bake small and large hard dough bread, perfect for soaking up curry stew or making sandwiches. Try our whole wheat bread for a lighter option full of nutty, earthy flavor. Our famous coco bread is slightly sweet with just a hint of coconut essence — the perfect pairing for your favorite patty. 

And you can’t visit the Caribbean without tasting our delightful tropical cakes and buns! Sink your teeth into moist bulla cake, a sweet egg bread infused with vanilla. Or treat yourself to our spiced fruit buns, bursting with raisins and currants. From savory loaves to sugary bites, our baked goods are sure to transport you to island time.


Quench your thirst island-style with our traditional Jamaican juices and drinks. Made from fresh local produce, these beverages are naturally sweet, tart, and refreshing. 

Our carrot juice is earthy and packed with vitamins. Irish moss is rich and creamy with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Sorrel juice gets its deep ruby red color from hibiscus, and its flavors are perfectly balanced between tart and sweet. And our ginger juice brewed with fresh ginger root will add some spice to your day!

Sip these authentic Jamaican drinks as you snack on a patty or cake. One refreshing gulp and it’s like you’re sipping under the shade of a palm tree! Come escape every day and treat yourself to the tropics.

Jamaican Patties

CK BEEF SPICY BEEFY CHEESE – Fiery beef and melty cheese in perfect harmony.

CK CURRY CHICKEN – Taste the island with chicken simmered in a savory curry sauce. 

CK JERK CHICKEN – Get a taste of Jamaica with jerk spices in this chicken patty.

CK CHICKEN POT PIE – Chicken and veggies in a thick, savory sauce housed in our patty crust. 

BEEF SPICY – Spice up your day with our scotch bonnet beef patty.

BEEF MILD – All the flavor without the heat in our mild beef patty.

BEEFY CHEESE – Two classics together – sliced beef and gooey cheese. 

CURRY CHICKEN – Chicken roasted in an island curry sauce, wrapped in pastry.

JERK CHICKEN – Get a taste of the Caribbean with our jerk chicken patty.

BEEF SPICY – Fiery scotch bonnet brings the heat to this classic beef patty.

CURRY JACK FRUIT AND CHICKPEA – A meatless patty with curry-simmered jackfruit and chickpeas. 

JERK BBQ JACK FRUIT AND RED BEAN – Sweet jerk jackfruit and savory red beans go hand-in-hand.

Breads, Cakes, And Buns

SMALL HARD DOUGH BREAD – 280Oz – A mini crusty loaf, perfect for sandwiches on the go. 

LARGE HARD DOUGH BREAD – 440 oz – A full-sized loaf with a crispy crust and cottony interior. 

SMALL WHOLE WHEAT BREAD – 220Oz – Nutty whole wheat in a petite, sandwich-ready size.

LARGE WHOLE WHEAT BREAD – 350Oz – Full-flavored whole wheat loaf with a wholesome taste.

COCO BREAD – 160Oz – Coconut and vanilla unite in this subtly sweet Jamaican bread.

BULLA CAKE – 160 oz – Soft, eggy bulla gets a touch of vanilla for a cake-like crumb.

COCONUT BULLA CAKE – 80 oz – Sweet bulla cake kicked up a notch with fresh coconut. 

ROUND SPICE BUN – Cinnamon and allspice flavor this round bun. 

SMALL SPICE FRUIT BUN – Raisins and spices baked into a petite, sweet bun.

LARGE SPICE FRUIT BUN – Plump with raisins and the warmth of ginger, a Jamaican classic.

SMALL EASTER BUN – Mini version of the beloved Jamaican Easter bun.

MEDIUM EASTER BUN – Tropical flavors in a handheld Easter bun.

LARGE EASTER BUN – Full-sized Easter bun packed with dried fruit and spice. 

SUGAR BUN – A lightly sweetened bun best served warmly from the oven.


Carrot Juice – Fresh carrot’s earthy sweetness bottled up.

Irish Moss – Sip this velvety blend with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

Ginger Juice – Zesty fresh ginger adds spice to this energizing juice.

Sorrel Juice – Deep red hibiscus flower creates a sweet-tart sipper.

Ice Creams

Grapenutt: Cool off with sweet Grapenutt bites, Only at Delicious Jamaican Bakery.   

Rum Raisin: Our Rum Raisin tastes like island time, Escape to the flavors of Jamaica.       

 Egg Nog Grapenutt: Dreams are made of this, Come get a taste at Delicious Jamaican Bakery.

Pistachio: Pleasure awaits inside, Come visit our sweet Jamaican oasis.             

SourSop: Taste the tropical flavors of Soursop heaven, Delicious Jamaican Bakery has the best ice cream around.

553 Penn St, Reading, PA 19601

553 Penn St, Reading, PA 19601